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7 Ways to Support Small Businesses

If you haven’t heard “shop local” or “support small businesses” year then you’re likely living under a rock.

It’s been the anthem of 2020 and now 2021 - supporting local and small businesses is what you need to do to be a good person.

No - I’m kidding - but it really does help.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has been really tough on small biz, especially brick and mortar stores who have had to sustain rent (which, in most cases, is astronomically high and is a major reason for the struggle -- but I digress), meet supply & demand, shift to online, etc. So please don’t make their efforts go to waste!

That doesn’t only mean spending your money there, especially since this year has been pretty financially straining to begin with.

There are sooo many other ways to show your support for small businesses without having to fork over cash, and some of those actions include:

  • Follow them on their social channels

  • Like, Share & Comment on their posts

  • Share your own experiences with the brand on your socials

  • Leave a great review on Google, Yelp, or their websites

  • Sign up for their email lists

  • Tell friends & family about them

  • Send them a heartfelt thank you

Supporting small local businesses isn’t just about feeling good. It keeps the economy going, keeps entrepreneurial dreams alive, and creates jobs.

Some of our current personal faves include:


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