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Our Favourite Apps to help run your Socials

Having a strong social media game never did anyone any harm, but it is particularly important for anyone running a business.

Whether that business is creating content for your followers or running an independent storefront, we have decided to share with you some of our favourite apps for editing your photos and managing your Instagram.

Used for Editing, Designing, & Creating Content


Here at Seca & Co, we are obsessed with Canva! Now for anyone who doesn’t know what this app is or what it does, Canva is a remarkable app that offers countless templates which can be used for everything from Instagram stories and posts, to creating collages and invitations. Canva offers template themes that range from light, airy, and minimalistic to dark, moody, and dramatic. We love Canva because it is user-friendly and allows for easy template customization.

Used for Scheduling & Managing Social Media

30 Day Free Trial before Being Charged a Monthly Subscription Fee

Hootsuite is our favourite app for scheduling and managing your social media presence; it allows you to cross-post across multiple social media platforms, schedule when you want your posts to be uploaded, gives suggestions on the best time to post for maximum engagement, and offers free photos for you to use & edit. While Hootsuite does come with a steep price point for the average joe, the cost is well worth it for anyone who is serious about building & managing their online presence.

Used for Editing Photos

Free, or $9.99US Monthly Subscription Fee

You may be wondering why we use two apps to edit our photos, the answer is simple: these apps are being used for different reasons - we use Lightroom to edit portraits and lifestyle photos. Lightroom is an amazing app because it offers all the basics required to edit a photo at a professional level, without worrying about destructive editing that comes with Photoshop. Lightroom is also great because it allows you to make the same changes to a group of photos instead of making the changes one at a time.

While Lightroom does come with a monthly subscription fee, the price is reasonable and very worthwhile for anyone that wants to up their Instagram game!

Used for Editing Photos

Free to Download but includes In-App Purchases

Lightleap is the other app we use for editing photos and we use this one for effects, filters, and alterations that Lightroom doesn’t allow. While the app is free there are in-app purchases that range from as little as $3.99 all the way to $59.99.

Used for Page Layouts

Free Basic Package

Preview is where it’s at for planning your Instagram feed! You can easily plan your posts, reels, stories, and IGTVs, while at the same time having access to the best hashtags, caption ideas, presets, and analytics. Preview’s Basic Package is free to download, but if you want more than two filter packs and unlimited access to the hashtag finder you have to be willing to pay the starting price of $6.67US Monthly.

Happy Posting!

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