Writing an “about me” section always stumps me. I can write bios for everyone and anyone, but writing one about myself just throws me right off course. Why? Because it forces me to think about that ever-burning question us millenials are always faced with - Who are we?


I can start by telling you what I always tell everyone - I am PR professional who lives in what is, in my opinion, one of the best cities in the world. I had a very unconventional way of getting to where I am. I did not learn my skills solely through school (per se) but through life experiences.


I went through my youth trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up - as does everyone - and realized I had no idea (but who really does?!). I was often told by multiple people that I had the gift of gab, that I was personable, and that I should get into PR. But of course, stubborn ol’ me figured I would try something else instead. So I began my journey to where I am today in TV broadcasting.


I was always fascinated by the media and news and figured why not be a part of the great big world of television. I went to school for TV broadcasting and then interned part-time (while in University) at CTV News in Toronto. I loved it. I loved how busy the newsroom was. I loved how the stories were researched and investigated. Which ultimately led me to believe I loved reporting. Now that, let me tell you, was quite a shock to me. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be that person in front of a camera. But even then, I wasn’t completely sold.


There’s something else you need to know about me - if I’m not 100% sold on an idea, I won’t pursue it. But once it’s in my head, I refuse to give up. I guess that’s something to add to my bio.


I then took everyone's advice, finished University and multiple PR internships, and began working with a tiny startup called The Gentlemen’s Expo. I was apart of a very small team (we were a max of five people at one time) and worked with them to build this vision from the ground up. This was my baby - this was my entire life. I loved that job and still love the people I worked with to build that incredible event. Watching that vision come to life inspired me.


Eventually, though, I needed to move on and grow. So I went back to school, focused on Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Centennial College, and worked in the agency world. Starting from the bottom, no longer being my own boss was humbling, but also the best learning experience a girl could ask for. I met people from all walks of life I would never have met, I made great relationships with media and industry pro’s, and worked my way back to the top.


That’s why I’ve decided to launch this company. It’s a place where small businesses can really work with someone who understands that it’s ok to be different, that it is a struggle to survive, and that coming out on top while staying true to yourself is what matters.  

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