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Seca and Co- Wedding Panning
Seca and Co- Wedding Panning


After 10+ years in the PR & Events world, Alessandra has worked with clients in various fields - from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, tech, and cannabis. Now, she has decided to build an agency that she believes will make some noise.


By creating compelling narratives that garner attention, developing strategic plans to maximize exposure, and always being upfront and honest, Seca & Co is focused on their client's needs, visions and dreams

About us
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Alessandra created Seca & Co with one intention in mind - to help small and medium-sized businesses get the recognition they deserve. 


After 10+ years in the PR & Events world, Alessandra has worked with clients in various fields - including, but not limited to, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, and tech. Now, she has decided to build an agency to help others make some noise and get noticed.

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I didn’t always know I wanted to work in PR or run massive events. In fact, my journey into PR began with an interest in TV broadcasting. 


I was always fascinated by the news and the media which made me think, why not be a part of the great big world of television? As a result, I went to school for TV broadcasting and then interned part-time, while in University, at CTV News in Toronto. I loved it. I loved how busy the newsroom was and how the stories were researched and investigated, which ultimately led me to believe I loved reporting. Now that, let me tell you, was quite a shock to me. Never in a million years did I think I would be the person in front of a camera. But even then, I wasn’t completely sold. Something was missing. 


There’s something else you need to know about me - if I’m not 100% sold on an idea, I won’t pursue it. But once it’s in my head, I refuse to give up. 


After finishing University and completing multiple PR internships, I began working with a tiny startup called The Gentlemen’s Expo. I was part of a very small team of five people who worked together to build the vision from the ground up. This was my baby - this was my entire life. I loved that job and still love the people I worked with to build that incredible event. Watching that vision come to life inspired me. At this point though, I hadn’t completed formal “PR” training, and actually taught myself. 

Eventually, though, I needed to move on and grow. So I went back to school, focused on Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Centennial College, and worked in the agency world. Starting from the bottom, no longer being my own boss was humbling, but also the best learning experience a girl could ask for. I met people from all walks of life, made great relationships with media and industry pro’s, and worked my way back to the top. 

That’s why I’ve decided to launch this company. Seca & Co is a place where small and medium-sized businesses are appreciated for their uniqueness, the struggle to survive is acknowledged, and coming out on top, while staying true to yourself, is a priority.

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