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What we did

Paramount Fine Foods is North America's fastest-growing halal Middle Eastern restaurant chain. In 2016, at the peak of their expansion process, Alessandra began working as the lead on their public relations initiatives. 


Along with promoting Paramount Fine Foods, Alessandra worked directly with the owner, Mohammad Fakhi, to showcase his successes and tell his personal story. 


Some of the campaigns spearheaded by Alessandra include The international expansion of Paramount Fine Food locations (New York, Lebanon, etc.), multiple new business partnership announcements, Iftar dinner with notable dignitaries, various location openings and opening events (Don Mills, Burlington, etc.), and the Syrian Refugee Initiative*. 


Notable successes include Mr. Fakhi being featured in Toronto Life’s 50 Most Influential and in Toronto Men’s Fashion Week as a celebrity guest. Other notable successes include features for both Mr. Fakhi and Paramount Fine Foods in the Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, National Post, Financial Post, BNN, BlogTO, HuffPost, and many more. 


*In March of 2016, Paramount Fine Foods partnered with Ryerson University and Magnet recruitment in order to contribute to settling the 25,000 Syrian refugees that had recently arrived in Canada. In particular, Paramount Fine Foods committed to providing 3 to 5 positions in each of its locations (up to 100) jobs to newly-arrived Syrian Canadians. By October of that year, Paramount had already employed over 70 new refugees. 

Paramount Fine Foods
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