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What we did

CHIN Radio and the CHIN Picnic are iconic in Toronto. In 1966, Johnny Lombardi successfully launched CHIN Radio, coinciding with the burgeoning Italian community. Eventually, Lombardi’s station expanded, broadcasting to over 30 ethnic groups and produced programs in 32 languages. CHIN Radio became a voice for the marginalized and served to give newcomers a sense of familiarity in their new home. Lombardi continued to pave the way for cultural diversity, founding the first inclusive multicultural festival, the CHIN International Picnic, created to celebrate cultural diversity in Toronto. 


Alessandra began working with CHIN Radio in 2016, fronting promotional efforts for the CHIN Picnic, and continued to work on PR for the picnic in 2017 and 2019. Each year, the picnic generated coverage in many major media outlets, celebrating diversity, longevity and overall symbolism.


Some notable coverage over the years includes 24 Hours, 680News, Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, Breakfast Television, CBC Toronto, CityNews, CP24, Kiss 92.5, NOW Toronto, Lo Specchio, and many more.  

CHIN Picnic Case Study
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