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What we did

 The 6ix Academy - founded by Central Toronto Academy (CTA) teachers Rebecca DiLeo and Kevin D’Souza, along with their business and graphics students - is an award-winning inner-city business and arts program that amplifies student voice while spearheading social justice pursuits through fashion, design, and marketing.


Social Entrepreneurship is at the heART of 6IX Academy’s programming. Students collaborate with industry professionals to learn about trend forecasting, prototyping, 3D graphics and printing, production, design, marketing and event planning. 


In 2016, The 6ix Academy laid the foundation for a major, game-changing project - their first collaboration with SullyWong to launch the Wolf Sneaker. Designed by the students in collaboration with SullyWong, the shoe was a massive success. These collaborations continued in the following years to introduce the WolfPack Backpack and the Winter Kicks sneaker, inaugurated into the Bata Shoe Museum in October 2019. 


Alessandra has worked closely with CTA and the 6ix Academy to promote their efforts, offer mentorship to students and assist in the launch event planning. 


Notable coverage for these projects includes CBC, CBC Kids, CityNews, Breakfast Television, and many more. 

The 6ix Academy Case Study
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