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What we did

Tequila Rose is the original strawberry cream liqueur. Combining tequila with strawberry cream was a bold innovation, the first drink of its kind to pair cream with anything other than Irish whiskey. Throughout 2019, Seca & Co has worked with Tequila Rose on a variety of promotional events. 


Over the summer, Seca & Co hosted “Tequila Rose Girls Night Out” at Love Child Social House in downtown Toronto. The event encouraged guests to explore their senses through Tequila Rose infused desserts, foods, and cocktails. This was a one-of-a-kind social experience for those looking to have a great time, dance to great music, meet new people, play some games, win some prizes and get some beauty tips. Attendance numbers reached upwards of 600 people for Girls Night Out. 


In the fall, Seca & Co worked with Tequila Rose once again to host smaller promotional events called “Pub Nights” held at Grace O'Malley's and Boutique Bar.

Tequila Rose Case Study
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